Bone Thugs and Harmony?

36388aAfter nearly a decade of incarceration, Flesh-n-Bone was released from prison on July 13, 2008.  Bizzy returned to the group, spurred by Flesh’s release and Layzie Bone’s diplomacy; the five are now working on a new studio album.


A reunion after 1o years of one Hip hop’s greatest groups but like all groups the real story is staying power and harmony is the one thing  they need if the five can co-exist. Bone has gone thru many variations to reunite the original five in las vegas.

DSC_4060They all came out one by one throughout the opening song until the members were all out. The crowd went crazy! One might say that this may be hip hop’s only act to have a cult like following. The show took me way back…. although Bizzy seems to get the most buzz(and was the most buzzed) from the audience and he fed off it by throwing money into the crowd. He barely finish the set before he had to be helped off stage. DSC_4100

It was great to see all five of them together again!! Time will tell if they can grasp the moment . The show was banging!

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