imagesThe city of Las Vegas is shedding its image as the burial grounds for artists who no longer have a mainstay in mainstream music, with artist such as The Killers, Panic! at the Disco & Neyo. Vegas is getting a musical facelift and becoming the new powerhouse in the future of music.

Next up is the Alternative Urban Rock Band “THE ROCTURNALS”,(Formerly known as KansasCali), they are referred to by some Vegans as the urban version of Linkin Park. Though the band individually hails from different parts of the United States they all converged in Vegas and calls it home. Lead Vocalist/Rapper Aulsondro Hamilton-Mangual (also known as “Novelist”) comes from Topeka, Kansas by way of Ponce, Puerto Rico,Anderson Johnson (also known as “Pittboss”) the Lead Singer is from Chino Hills, California they are the original founders of the band. The other two members are Eric Borders The Drummer (also known as “E. Borders”) from Los Angeles while Guitarist Adam Beltran (known as “Adam Crow”) comes from Pasadena.
The band jumped on the road to stardom 4 years ago as “KansasCali” in June of 2005 with their music video for the song “IF I…” landing on the DVD and Inspired By Soundtrack of the 2005 Academy Award winning movie Crash (2004 film) (stars Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock & Matt Dillon ) that sold over 6 million DVDs with the version of their music video on it. Almost immediately after that, the band landed another song, “If I Never See You Again” on the International Soundtrack of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005 film) (stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) this was a rare feat for an Independent Band.theroc_flier

With the band coming off the success of 2 blockbuster movie soundtracks their careers began to bloom, landing on 3 more soundtracks Orlando Bloom’s Haven (film), ESPN’s Once in a Lifetime (documentary) and most recently Jamie Kennedy’s Kickin’ It Old Skool in which their song “The Life” was added as an entitle in the movie. They were also featured on the solo debut of KCi Hailey’s “My Book” and Aaron Hall’s “Adults Only”

“The Rocturnals” just recently finished their debut album “Complicated” set to independently drop in early part of 2009. The album was titled “Complicated” because of some of the things they went through in life, love & business with stories that about 90% of everyday people can relate to.

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