“Prey” The Interviews

By Carol Ann

Recently went to the premiere of an Australian horror flick, “Prey,” at the Palms.  First, I have to say that the Palms is a great venue for movies, not only just going to see one, but for the premieres, the red carpet stuff, and the Walk of Fame.  Really a slice of Hollywood right here in Las Vegas.   As always, Vegas’ favorite red carpet MC, Robin Leach, arrived flanked by showgirls but soon was overtaken by Australian ghouls (quite attractive in spite of the scary makeup) and assorted groupings of local talent like the Thunder from Down Under (my personal favorites) and then the parade of various cast members. It always cracks me up that some reporters are willing to interview just about anybody, including the ghouls.DSC_9806

I interviewed one of the writer/producers of “Prey,” Robert Lewis Galinksy, who’s a real character.  He reminds me of John Barr from the car commercials on local tv.  He says this was a low budget horror film with teens as the target audience.  He started in January 2007 with the idea and had all the money raised – about $2.5 million – by June 2007, which is quite amazing for a movie project.  The film opened in Australia in May 2009 and this was the U.S. launch.

Galinksy characterized the film as having a lot of funny sarcasm, and then I asked him if he ever got scared during the filming of a horror film.  “I get scared when one of my ex-wives called,” he responded off the cuff.  He did say that he was told they were cursed because they shot the film on some of the Aboriginal sacred ground.  Unfortunately, it seems they were cursed with a bad script, bad special effects, bad editing and lame humor.  Basically, it’s a tale of six young people who set off on a trip across the Australian outback who encounter a creepy shaman who assails them with a 100-year-old curse.  One by one they are transformed into monsters who want to kill the rest of them off.  Only two of the women survive.  The scary things weren’t really scary and the funny stuff wasn’t really funny.  The only time there was laughter in the theater was when the audience was laughing at the movie, not with it.  But he is such a cool guy, I hope he makes another film and learns from his mistakes on this one.DSC_9816

One of the stars, Jesse Johnson, is a cool guy who just happens to be Don Johnson’s son  (His mother is actress Patti D’Arbanville. I remember her so well from her role as Lt. Virginia Cooper in the tv series “New York Undercover.” Amazing eyes! She’s actually done a lot of work since then and her filmography is extensive. What’s funny is that I didn’t realize Don Johnson was seriously hooked up with anyone other than Melanie Griffith.)  Anyhoo, her son plays “Gus” in this movie, an American vacationing with his friends – he dies about midway.

Jesse was really a down-to-earth guy to interview, and looks and sounds JUST like his dad!  He started the interview by saying he’s been taking pictures of himself all day long, which definitely broke the ice.  Jesse says that horror films are really fun to make because “there never can be enough blood.”  He also said that the scariest thing that happened on set was driving out in the middle of nowhere to be scared by a fake snake.  He also said that he was horrified that one of his co-stars, Christian Clark, is more handsome than he is and therefore he won’t be the best looking guy in the movie.  Very funny. He says he got his sense of humor from his dad and has stayed down to earth because of it.  “There are no handouts in my family,” says Jesse.  “Once you are out of school, you’re on your own.”

Jesse has several other film projects in the works, including a film in which he plays John the Baptist.  Now that’s a movie I want to see….

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