The further Adventures of Team Paparazzi

By Carol Ann aka SheGotGame


Saw Richard Lewis the other night at the Venetian.  His opening act, Susie Essman, also from the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” cast, was quite funny, once she got past her opening crude remarks.  I’m not a big fan of female comedians being extra-crude in lieu of being clever, it’s just so necessary if you’re really able to be funny. She relentlessly picked on some poor fool sitting in the front row, who really gave her no material so she just ad libbed on the guy mercilessly.  Anyway, she was pretty funny in the end, especially her comments about having “ding ding” moments with guys, where you know something is terribly wrong, but you go ahead anyway. I’ve certainly had those….
As for Lewis, I’m not into his stream-of-consciousness-going-nowhere comedy, until it finally goes somewhere.  His routine on the prostate exam was hilarious, as he said even though he was a liberal non-anti-gay person, his ass was homophobic.  Really a funny bit.  Also laughed at his description of his encounter with Shaq’s penis in the locker room – that was hilarious.  But overall, thought the show was so-so.

Afterwards, decided to stop for a little dessert at Espressamente, a really cute little Italian crepe, ice cream place inside the Palazzo.  Well, after I ordered a slice of apple tort (which was smallish), and a single shot of espresso machiato, I went into sticker shock when the bill totaled $13.15.  Well, turns out they charge an additional $.75 just to sit and eat in their little restaurant, which isn’t more than a glorified Starbucks stand, and charged $.50 for a porcelain cup for my machiato, because I was eating “in” rather than takeout which would use a paper cup.  On top of that, the Italian manager was less than charming, and totally unapologetic for the outrageously over-priced food he was serving, as well the ridiculous extra charges for eating there and drinking from a real espresso cup.  I honestly couldn’t believe it!  My friend suggested that the manager didn’t want to be there and I concurred – I didn’t want to be there either….


The next day was a lovely pool party at the Azure Pool belonging to the Palazzo Hotel.  I really like this hotel, it is to European, under-stated elegance, just lovely little hotel right next to the Venetian.  Anyway, they were having the grand opening of their pool, and Mario Lopez and a couple of other tv celebs – Melora Harden of “The Office” and Nadine Velazquez from “My Name is Earl” made their red carpet appearances.  It was a casual kind of red carpet, where everyone was really friendly.  Mario talked to just about everyone, posed for photos for whomever asked, he’s such a doll.  Had a chance to talk to him about his training routine – he works out all the tine and is in GREAT shape!  Just love those biceps of his.  And couldn’t take my eyes off his dimples as he talks.  I also had a chance to speak to Melora Hardin who was recently in the Hannah Montana Movie she said she’s coming back to the Office and working on a pilot for FX

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in paradise….

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