Amrit Dhaliwal

am1Amrit Dhaliwal, one of Bollywood’s newest and hottest Actress who exploded onto the film and music scene in 2005. Born in London England and raised in Canada, Amrit Dhaliwal is of East Indian Decent. She lives in Calgary Alberta and is an International Indian Supermodel & one of the top FAME Fitness Stars,FHM Model.

Amrit has worked with some of the top photographers such as David Ford & Wireimage & Top Celebrity photographer George Pimentel & Fashion Designers Marciano,Guess,Parasuco,West Coast Leathers,Paul Lishman Furs etc.

Fitness Model. Spokesperson. Corporate Leader. 32 year-old Amrit Dhaliwal refuses to let any business opportunity pass her by. While working as a model for high-profile fashion lines such as Parasuco and Guess, hosting the Naked News (in Toronto), appearing on the Howard Stern Show, and competing in numerous fitness competitions  – Amrit Dhaliwal is one Punjabi femme fatale to watch for in the mainstream media scene.Known by an ever increasing number of associates and admirers, Amrit is a unique phenomenon, holding a number of well deserved titles: Canada’s Best Kept Secret; The Punjabi Femme Fatale; India’s First Fitness Bikini Model; and Corporate Chic. Uniquely positioned in the fitness, modeling and corporate world, Ms. Dhaliwal is quickly establishing a world wide reputation as a woman in high demand. Often told that no one looks like her, a truer exclamation would be that no one is quite like her: she is a unique and original creature in ever way imaginable. Men may admire from afar her beauty, but once they meet her, they fall in love with her for her mind. While women take inspiration from her accomplishments, and view her as a role model.

Known as ‘The Canadian Corporate Chic’, ‘Punjabi Femme Fatale’, ‘India’s First Fitness Bikini Model’, ‘Canada’s Best Import’…Amrit Dhaliwal’s life has no boundaries. These titles all capture an essence of Amrit’s multi-faceted personality.

Hailing from a regionally and culturally diverse country like Canada, she was born into a religious Sikh household, and endowed with a life long lesson that any dream is possible fuelled with desire and determination. Inheriting two cultures, working on three continents, holding prestigious corporate titles; Amrit is known to be a networking machine.  Using what comes naturally to her; she is constantly working in different time zones and interacting with people around the globe.

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