Crazy About “Crazy Shorts”

csVals Customized Actionwear, the home of the original “Crazy Shorts,” unveiled their exciting Summer 2009 product line. The fun new “Crazy Shorts” spandex prints include Rainbow Tide, Double Chocolate, Fruit Swirl ,Purple Zebra and White and Blue Panthera. They are already flying off the shelves, as sports teams and cheer squads across the US and Canada are catching on to the “Crazy Shorts” craze. These wild “Crazy Shorts” are light, versatile and great to wear while playing volleyball, running, track & field, lacrosse, dodge ball, field hockey, soccer and tennis. Sporting teams from Coast to Coast are finding that the fun, colorful “Crazy Shorts” boost team morale when everyone wears them. was founded in 1990 and is the brain child of “momtrepreneur” Valerie Sullivan, or Val, as she known by her friends. She started this exciting company in her basement 19 years ago while she was working at Bell Canada in customer service. Her active mind and a love of sewing prompted Val to start making swimsuits for her daughter Rachel and her friends on the swimming team. It wasn’t long before Val’s phone was ringing off the hook with people requesting her to make sportswear to sell at fundraisers, rowing regattas and for swim, skating and gymnastics teams. As word of mouth and referrals grew, Val created the company Vals Customized Actionwear to keep up with the demand and eventually had to hire employees and move into a factory. “Crazy Shorts,” the flagship product of the company, actually originated from the left- over material from gymnastic leotards and skating clothing. “At first, we weren’t sure if they’d sell, but it was a smashing success when they sold out,” Mrs Sullivan explains “I named them ‘Crazy Shorts’ because as soon as we started selling them, all the teenage boys and girls went crazy for them. Parents could give them to their kids who really liked wearing them at their sports tournaments There was nothing else in the market that even compared to their popularity.”

Valscustomized is a purveyor of cutting edge apparel for teenage team sports and is a pioneer in the online retail world. Val’s is the original manufacturer of Crazy Shorts and has the most extensive collection of patterns and offer the best prices available on the internet. These are great gifts for any sports team and are guaranteed to make them stand out against the competition.

About Vals Customized Val’s Customized Action Wear is the home of the original spandex Crazy Shorts. Val’s Customized is a market leader in wholesale actionwear featuring comfortable designs inspired by the fusion of sport, leisure and fashion. The brand’s distinctive excellence is driven by its founder Valerie Sullivan’s passion, commitment and dedication to creating innovative designs for Sports Apparel. Crazy Shorts are available in stores and sporting events and in cities such as Baltimore, Md,Owing Mills, MD York, PA Kansas City, MO Canyon, TX Waukee, IA, Waverly, OH For more information go to the website at

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